Thursday, May 19, 2011

So now I know who to blame

                                                              Blessed Alcuin of York

English noble who established schools at cathedrals and monasteries. Established a scriptoria dedicated to copying and preserving ancient manuscripts, both pagan and Christian.By this act  we have  much of the writings of classical Roman authors due to Alcuin and his scribes.

     Credited with the invention of cursive script in which letters are connected for greater writing speed.

So now , those of us who received low marks for their terrible cursive skills , we now know who to thank . And alongside that , who to pray too to seek  improvement in this area .If only I knew of him back when I was in school .Who knows ?What may of come of me with good and proper cursive writing skills  :)

     Perhaps he should be a dear and near saint for Doctors .

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